Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tip 6: Feelings are Friends!

Tip 6, Mid Month Mini Tip:
Feelings are Friends!

(14th May 2012)
Here's an extra tip, from Focusing. This subtle approach to our inner world gives us wonderful insights into communication and mindfulness.

Two opportunities to learn more about Focusing: 

Feelings are like friends... they tell us things. Above all, they let us know what it is we need to be happy and fulfilled. 

Yet feelings often begin by telling us what they don't want or don'tlike. This may not make it easy for us to hear them. Listening to what our feelings are saying is an art.

In order to hear the friendly message of your feelings, you need to turn towards them. Say 'hello' - acknowledge them, just as they are. 

And if this is already familiar to you, why not go one step further? When you turn towards your feelings, it may help to ask: 
  • What do your feelings want from you? 
  • How would those feelings like you to be with them
  • What sort of awareness or attention do they want? 
  • Is it even alright to say 'hello' to them, right now?

In this way, we take care of our 'feelings about our feelings'. We become bigger inside, and more subtle - because we take in, and acknowledge, the whole of our response. 

What grows with this approach is natural kindness. Our sensitivity and respect flow more easily - not just for ourselves, in own inner world, but for others too.

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