Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tip3: Prepare Yourself - Do one less thing for Christmas!

Preparations for Christmas can be frantic - there's always so much to do. But however busy you are, remember that above all your family and friends want you for Christmas! Your attention, your qualities, your presence, your unique self...
Making perfect preparations is counter-productive if it's all about what needs to be done. That's when it's harder for us to feel our lovely human qualities in ourselves. And that's when other people feel them less too. So amidst all your busy preparations, include things which prepare you as a person.
How to prepare Yourself?

Here are a few of my suggestions - things I'd like to remember myself! I'm sure you've got your own ideas. Why not share them? (Just click 'Comments' below.)

Create time!
  • Pause between activities (creates a spacious atmosphere)
  • If you have a choice between two things, do what's easier!
  • Look at everything on your plate - then take one thing off!
Enjoy being!
  • Engage with things that nurture you!
  • Think of five wholesome activities that bring you ease and contentment - and do all five before Christmas!
 Above all!
  • Remember the mince pies - but don't forget yourself!

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